Oppositionist: Parliamentary gas commission's activity should be transparent to avoid Government's pressure

  • by Ashot Safaryan

  • Monday, February 24, 18:32

The activity of the parliamentary gas commission should be transparent in order to avoid the Armenian Government's pressure, Aram Manukyan, Secretary of the Armenian National Congress Faction, said in Parliament on Monday.     

To recall, the gas agreements with Russia, particularly, the rise in gas tariffs for Armenia's citizens and the sale of Armenia's 20% stake in ArmRusgasprom to Russia have caused indignation of the Armenian public. As a result, the opposition forces of the Parliament decided to set up an interim commission to study the current situation. The ruling coalition rejected the opposition's suggestion but later made a similar suggestion.

"We have repeatedly said that we pursue no political goals. We wanted to know about the price formation and the 300 mln USD debt. Our requirements have not changed today. If the parliamentary majority sets itself the same goals, it should ensure transparency of the commission's work", said Manukyan. 
To note, the ruling Republican Party of Armenia is trying to do everything possible to make the commission hold closed sessions. The opposition disagrees with that idea. 

"If the works is done behind the close doors, the country may walk twice into the same river. After all, open debates reduce the possibility of the Government's pressure on the commission members", Manukyan said. He thinks that the Government does not want the commission to reveal the details of the gas agreements. 

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