Holders of MasterCard and Maestro are offered new way of receiving money transfers from Russia-via Odnoklassniki network

ANC: Congress did not support Sasna Tsrer, as the situation posed threat to statehood

On Sep 1 Beeline (Armenia) will announce about launch of CDMA network ensuring access to high-speed internet in all regions of the country

Court of Appeal leaves unchanged measure of restrain against Aram Manukyan, Sasna Tsrer group member

Diaspora Ministry receives 162 Armenians from Diaspora under "Ari Tun" project

Trial over attempt of terror attack on Russia-Armenia gas pipeline scheduled for October 10

Russian soldier Valery Permyakov sentenced to life imprisonment for murdering family of 7 persons in Armenia's Gyumri

Larisa Alaverdyan: Armenian side should forget about territorial concessions

Court leaves measure of restraint against activist Garegin Chugaszyan unchanged

Armenia takes 42nd place at RIO-2016

ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank launched GREEN lending within loan agreement with Central Bank under KfW "Energy Efficiency Program for SME"

Larisa Alaverdyan: Iran should participate in Karabakh settlement

Russian expert: The West does not want to perceive Russia as enemy and does not need confrontation

Terror attack on Russia-Armenia gas pipeline prevented in Georgia: Detainees are accused of having links to terrorist organization

Court of Appeal leaves unchanged measure of restraint against Toros Torosyan

Forecast: Withdrawal of any of the member countries may lead to dissolution of NATO

View from Moscow: Relations with Turkic world are not fundamental problem for Russia

Arayik Khandoyan to run for local elections in Tsakhkahovit, relevant documents submitted to CEC

Levon Yeranosyan urgently recalled from vacation leave

Armed Forces of Azerbaijan used "Utyos" large caliber machinegun

VTB Bank (Armenia) launches "Finding oneself in movie world is priceless" promo campaign for its MasterCard holders

Amulsar project groundbreaking event took place in Armenia

Another two people face charges for hindering professional activity of journalists in Sari Tagh district in Yerevan

Candidate from Prosperous Armenia Party says he will refuse to accept his nomination, if Sasna Tsrer group member Araik Khanodyan runs for self-government

Arrested member of Sasna Tsrer group seeks to run for local self-government, while authorities oppose

Court of Appeal leaves unchanged measure of restrain against Pavel Manukyan, Sasna Tsrer group member

Union of Political Analysts of Armenia urges public and international human rights organizations to support political prisoners, "victims of Sargsyan's regime"


Opposition Armenia: Amendments to the Law On Funded Pension passed with gross violation of the Law on the Parliament's Regulations

  • by Nana Martirosyan

  • Saturday, June 21, 19:06

The Parliamentary opposition urges the parliament majority, namely the Republican Party Faction, to observe the Parliament's Regulations. Speaking at the extraordinary meeting of the Parliament on 21 June, MP Aghvan Vardanyan (ARFD Party), said the amendments to the Law On Funded Pension have been passed with gross violation of the Law on the Parliament's Regulations. 

Vardanyan claims that some Republican parliamentarians openly voted on the bill instead of their absent colleagues. 
Head of the RPA Faction Vahram Baghdasaryan said, in turn, that the Parliament secured the quorum at the current meeting and asked the opposition not to make "allegations."  

Head of the Armenian National Congress Faction Levon Zurabyan said the Republican Party grossly violates the regulations and asked for a 20-minute break. However, Speaker Galuyst Sahakyan refused to break the meeting.

A member of Prosperous Armenia Party Vartan Oskanian, in turn, said that the Parliament pushes through a law that is opposed by 80% of the population. He also demanded a 20-minute break.

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