Politician: Perhaps great powers have promised Armenia to pressure Turkey into opening Armenian-Turkish border

Armenian general suggests delivering a series of preventive surgical strikes at Azeri army's combat positions

General: Even Turkish instructors admit low combat effectiveness of Azeri army

Mika Stadium placed on auction

Resident of Artashat wounded in shooting

Armenian Foreign Minister to attend Erdogan's swearing-in ceremony

VTB Bank (Armenia) offers a new installment credit with 1% discount

Beeline provides its subscribers with free access to its website

ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank announces a CASHBACK QUEST contest for AmExR Cashback cardholders

Ameriabank launches AmeriaToken - innovative application for smartphones of customers using online services

Employees of Areximbank-Gazprombank Group join international Ice Bucket flashmob

Armenian Presidnet: Not everybody is glad that Armenia is joining the Customs Union

Armenian FM may attend inauguration of Turkish President

Armenian President is comfortable with activities of parliamentary opposition

Vice Speaker of Armenian Parliament: Mass violence applied against Yazidis in Iraq is unacceptable

Georgian Military road completely cleared

President of Armenia: Baku organizes provocations at the highest level

Aram Manukyan: Armenian authorities pushed the idea of independent and free Armenia to the sidelines

Coordination Center of Armenian Associations of Sweden demand Azerbaijan to repatriate Karen Petrosyan's body

Areximbank-Gazprombank Group provides nonchip Visa Gold and MasterCard Gold cards

Shavarsh Kocharyan: Murder of Karen Petrosyan has many similarities with the cruel murder of American journalist in Syria

Ivan Kuhta: Difference of our political orientation will not affect Ukrainian-Armenian relations

Armenian President: Armenian-Georgian relations are on all-time high level

Special offer for Orange Internet subscribers

Armenia's Defense Ministry Spokesperson denies Azerbaijan's reports on exchange of captives


Ivan Kuhta: Difference of our political orientation will not affect Ukrainian-Armenian relations

Zardusht Alizadeh: Arriving in Sochi, Aliyev and Sargsyan once again demonstrated the world that Russia is still the demiurge in the Caucasus

Masis Mailyan: Unlike Azerbaijan, global centers of force are not interested in growing tensions in Nagorno-Karabakh conflict zone

Sergey Grinyayev:The West’s sanctions are extremely positive for the Eurasian Union project

Alexey Kolomiyets: West's sanction will hardly sober Putin and the Kremlin

Hrant Bagratyan: Sanctions will have tangible impact on Armenia

Georgi Kolarov: The second Nagorno-Karabakh war is inevitable

Artashes Shaboyan: Reduction in consumer demand has a negative effect on supermarkets

Tigran Davtyan: If you have a telephone with you, it means that you have a wallet with you too

Shmuel Meirom: Israel is willing to contribute of its experience in the field of economy, but it cannot force Israeli business to invest in Armenia

Marine Karapetyan: Ameriabank on large business: problems and solutions

Eduard Sharmazanov: The opposition camp has no leader to steer the people

Alexander Zinker: Readiness of the Kremlin to protect its “Big Russian world” is dangerous for Russia itself

Vahe Davtyan: lternative power engineering should be developed regardless of fluctuations in electric power tariffs

Alexander Krylov: Taking into consideration the experience of the EU, Russia has to refuse maximal extension of the Eurasian Economic Union

Ukrainian politician: It is the Kremlin and President Putin himself that are first of all to blame for the death of 5 people in Kyiv

  • Thursday, January 23, 18:04

 It is the Kremlin and Vladimir Putin, who has declared creation of the Eurasian Union as a priority of his presidency, that are first of all to blame for the death of 5 people killed in the clashes between the demonstrators and the riot police in Kyiv, Ukrainian politician and public figure Oleg Rybachuk said when replying to ArmInfo's question in his online interview.     

"The Ukraine-Europe rapprochement is a direct challenge against the given project of Putin, because other countries of the former USSR will follow the successful implementation of Ukraine's European integration", he said. "The civil war in Ukraine still meets the secret desires of the Kremlin and some of its vassals in Ukraine", he stressed. 

As regards Sergey Nikoyan's death, Rybachuk qualified him as a big patriot of Ukraine and one of the most active participants in Euromaidan. According to Rybachuk, Nikoyan's death shocked first of all the Ukrainian citizens and the World Economic Forum in Davos observed a minute of silence for those killed in Maidan. However, at the briefing held for the foreign ambassadors, the Government of Ukraine did not even mention the innocent victims and the experienced diplomats got indignant at that.   

"The European choice of Ukraine implies impossibility of the authorities' use of weapons against the peaceful demonstrators, as well as independence of the courts, freedom of expression, media freedom, etc.  Meanwhile, setting people by the ears and creating zones of onerous conflicts are the practices of the USSR special services", he said. Rybachuk thinks that there are still chances to improve the situation, the authorities fail to intimidate the demonstrators, the country calls to the colors, the authorities' attempts to send special forces and army forces to Kyiv are being blocked, dozens of thousands of Ukrainians are in the center of Kyiv round-the-clock and they are building additional barricades, and the developments are being broadcast live.

The joint online press conferences of experts for the Armenian and Azerbaijani mass media are organized under the project aimed at enlarging the knowledge of Armenians and Azeris about each other and establishing mutual confidence via first-hand information. The project of the Region Research Center (Armenia) and Institute of Peace and Democracy (Azerbaijan) is supported by the British Embassies in Armenia and Azerbaijan.

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