NKR Defence Ministry: Incidents and data hiding is a working style of the Azerbaijani party

  • by Nana Martirosyan

  • Friday, May 30, 17:36

The incidents and strict data hiding is a working style of the Azerbaijani party, which has been trying to avoid the anger of the community in such a way, the statement of the NKR Defence Ministry says. On 20 May, several mass media of Azerbaijan reported that the Armenian party allegedly hides the number of losses in its Armed Forces. "We have been always upholding a principle of transparency and informing about the incidents in the army. The incidents and data hiding is a working style of the Azerbaijani party", - the statement says. 

The NKR Defence Ministry also presented the list of the wounded and dead Azerbaijani servicemen, the majority of which died because of non-manual relation and corruption. "According to the Azerbaijani sources, the number of the dead Azerbaijani soldiers is 35 and the wounded - 54. But according to the data  of the NKR Defence Army, the losses of the Azerbaijani party are 55, and the number of the wounded people - 63", - the statement says. 

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