Azerbaijani expert: I do not know even mid-level experts in the power capable of responding to the Armenians

  • by Marianna Mkrtchyan

  • Monday, May 26, 12:25

"We do not have enough competent experts on the Karabakh issue to imprison some of these people. I do not know even mid-level experts  in the power capable of responding to the Armenians. I remember a few people representing power, which can be delegated to the forum at any level with the participation of Armenians.

Our lobbyists abroad  are populists who are not able to say more than two sentences to an international audience. So why do the authorities eliminate  such experts? Do they want to help the Armenians?", - Head of the Society for Humanitarian Research Society,  Avaz Hasanov, said in an interview with Turan news agency, when commenting on arrest of journalist Rauf Mirkadyrov and human rights protectors Arif Yunusov and his wife Leyla Yunus. 

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