Deputy chief of Yerevan Police urges protesters to lift barricades and go home

Areximbank-Gasprombank Group Propelling its Statutory Capital to a Leading Position

Free SMS for Orange prepaid and monthly subscription customers

Volume of VTB Bank (Armenia) "VISA VTB Cosmopolitan" Non-Cash Operations Increased by more than 40%

ROSGOSSTRAKH ARMENIA Shortening the OSAGO Reimbursement Dates

Georgian Political Expert: Georgia to Gladly Accept USA's Offer to Host Military Objects and Forces

Press conference dedicated to the 9th International Tchaikovsky Competition for Young Musicians.

Electric Networks of Armenia keen to ensure its receivables through court action

Special Investigation Service of Armenia initiates criminal case over Police use of force to disperse protests against electricity price hikes

Expert: Nationalization of ENA will halt investments and reduce donations to Armenia

Ambassador: Yerevan's new differentiated foreign policy line bringing fruits

"City Talks": the embedded airtime can also be used for calling to 374 97 and 374 47 networks, USA, Canada and Russia

Stratfor: "Any change in tactics to protesters could enflame the protests and escalate the situation in Armenia"

Andrey Areshev: Forces demonstrating preconditions for Maidan-like revolution in Armenia should not push things too far

Joint Offer from INECOBANK, ARAY and Technolife - 15% Return of Non-Cash Payment to Cardholders

Founding Parliament says its members suffering political persecutions

Foreign Minister of Armenia: Authorities taking measures to establish dialogue with protesters

Deputy Demanding to Explain the Situation on Russian Loan and Energy Rate Compensation Funds

Ministry of Defence of Armenia: no Penny from Russian 200-mln-USD Loan to be Allocated for Energy Rate Compensation

Deputy-General Threatening to Kick Those who are Responsible for Fraud at "Electric Networks of Armenia"

Armenian Police Withdrawing Special Vehicles from Baghramyan Ave

Newspaper: Within Soft Loan Russia is to Procure Armenia with "Iskander M" Missile Complexes

Armenian parliament speaker calls on protesters to put an end to climate of distrust in country

Zaruhi Postanjyan says no justice possible unless Permyakov is transferred to Armenian law-enforcement

Peskov: Presidents of Armenia, Russia have not discussed electricity price in Armenia


Armenia's Economy Ministry: We plan the next meeting of the Armenian-Ukrainian Intergovernmental Committee for October

  • by Alexandr Avanesov

  • Tuesday, August 12, 12:20

 Minister of Economy of Armenia Karen Chshmarityan received Ukraine's Ambassador to Armenia Ivan Kukhta, Monday. Deputy Minister of Economy Sergey Avetisyan and Advisor for Political Issues, Ukraine's Embassy in Armenia, Igor Svyatoslavovich, were present at the meeting. 

According to the Ministry, Karen Chshmarityan welcomed the two countries' friendly relations that develop despite the ongoing political processes in Ukraine. The minister outlined tourism and IT-sector as the most promising areas of economic cooperation. 

For his part, Ambassador Ivan Kukhta thanked the minister for reception. He said that despite the political crisis in Ukraine, the new government is trying to restore its activity and make structural reforms in the government, which will make it possible to resume the cooperation with other countries. As regards the economic relations with Armenia, Ambassador Kukhta hopes the two countries will find common points for cooperation despite their accession to different economic unions.

The sides came out for better use of the cooperation opportunities, such as, for instance, the meeting of the Armenian-Ukrainian Intergovernmental Committee scheduled for October 2014. The sides discussed also cooperation opportunities in the aviation field. In fact, the Armenian and Ukrainian parties pledged to prepare packages of cooperation opportunities and proposals. 

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