Armenia's Economy Ministry: We plan the next meeting of the Armenian-Ukrainian Intergovernmental Committee for October

  • by Alexandr Avanesov

  • Tuesday, August 12, 12:20

 Minister of Economy of Armenia Karen Chshmarityan received Ukraine's Ambassador to Armenia Ivan Kukhta, Monday. Deputy Minister of Economy Sergey Avetisyan and Advisor for Political Issues, Ukraine's Embassy in Armenia, Igor Svyatoslavovich, were present at the meeting. 

According to the Ministry, Karen Chshmarityan welcomed the two countries' friendly relations that develop despite the ongoing political processes in Ukraine. The minister outlined tourism and IT-sector as the most promising areas of economic cooperation. 

For his part, Ambassador Ivan Kukhta thanked the minister for reception. He said that despite the political crisis in Ukraine, the new government is trying to restore its activity and make structural reforms in the government, which will make it possible to resume the cooperation with other countries. As regards the economic relations with Armenia, Ambassador Kukhta hopes the two countries will find common points for cooperation despite their accession to different economic unions.

The sides came out for better use of the cooperation opportunities, such as, for instance, the meeting of the Armenian-Ukrainian Intergovernmental Committee scheduled for October 2014. The sides discussed also cooperation opportunities in the aviation field. In fact, the Armenian and Ukrainian parties pledged to prepare packages of cooperation opportunities and proposals. 

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