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Charges brought against Police over violence towards activists

  • by Ashot Safaryan

  • Wednesday, July 2, 16:28

 Special Investigative Service of Armenia (SIS) has initiated a criminal case on Article 309.2 of the Criminal Code of Armenia over the 23 June incidents in Saryan Street, Yerevan, taking as a basis the testimonies by a group of citizens. 

The citizens, particularly, complain of police violence during their protest action against rising electricity rate. They demand indictment for police brutality and bodily harms.  It was verified that numerous citizens visited various medical establishments on the day of the incident with bodily harms, which, as they claim, they receive during the protest action in Saryan Street on 23 June. Investigation has been launched.

To recall, 27 activists were detain during the above protest action in front of the Public Services Regulatory Committee building in Saryan Street. 

The Committee raised the electric power tariff from 38 to 41.85 drams (by 10%) starting 1 August 2014. 

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