Azerbaijani MFA to "Blacklist" those Foreigners who Attend Lubov Kazanorvskaya's Concert in Stepanakert

Ara Papyan: In geopolitical perspective by having quite favourable conditions to conduct foreign policy, Armenia is not ready to make use of it

Constitutional Court Member: Regardless Drawbacks New Draft Constitution is Considered a Step Forward

Political expert: Turkish authorities make a miscalculation by calling snap parliamentary elections

Head of Russian Sports Federation: Sports laws oblige Azerbaijan to permit Henrikh Mkhitaryan's entry to Azerbaijan

LOT (Poland) to resume flights to Yerevan on 1 Jan 2016

To mark the 150th anniversary HSBC will allocate US$150m in community projects and local charities

Official investigation of the case against the policeman who had hit an elderly man, is suspended

EEU: The EEU Treaty allows the authorized veterinary bodies of the member-states to unilaterally apply temporary bans and restrictions on the products

Jermuk branch ensured three-fold increase of capture portfolio and became the winner of the contest among the VTB Armenia Bank

Beeline is recruiting local sales experts

"No to Plunder!" Initiating a New Wave of Disobedience

VivaCell-MTS provides broadband Internet, IP telephony and IP TV services to Central Bank's facilities in Dilijan

Turcologist: Aggravation of domestic political situation in Turkey to increase threats to Armenian community

Armen Martirosyan: Heritage leader's stand on constitutional reforms in tune with Heritage Party's stand

Renewed commitment at the highest level needed for Karabakh conflict settlement, Warlick says

Russia is responsible fulfilling its duties in Karabakh peace process

NKR Defense Army repels one more sabotage attack of Azerbaijani troops

Turcologist: Holding Off-Year Parliamentary Elections in Turkey Seeks to Transfer the Country into Presidential Government

VivaCell-MTS and Fuller Center for Housing Armenia Continue Partnership

VII PanArmenian Barbeque Fest to Take Place on Sep 12

Heritage to take no part in discussions on constitutional reforms with President

Stepanakert: NKR Defense Army keeps a tight rein on adversary

Manvel Sargsyan: Constitutional referendum is aimed at destroying the basis of Armenian statehood – the presidency institution

U.S. Ambassador: "One of the most effective drivers of cooperation is common business interests"

Gevorg Kostanyan requests his Azerbaijani colleagues to inquire into death of Armenian citizen Karen Petrosyan


Ashot Manucharyan: Armenia's accession to EAEU is a chance to create a new model of civilized development

  • by Ashot Safaryan

  • Wednesday, June 25, 18:38

 Armenia's accession to the EAEU is a chance to create a new model of civilized development, Ashot Manucharyan, a member of the Karabakh Committee, ex-advisor of the first president of Armenia for national security, told reporters Wednesday.

"Serzh Sargsyan occupying the post of Armenia's president was mistaken when saying recently that Armenia is still committed to the European system of values, despite its upcoming accession to the EAEU.  There is almost no such system left. The structure called the European Union is consistently destroying that system of values. The EU has nothing in common with the European civilization. As for Armenia, Eurasian integration process is what we need," Manucharyan said.

Manucharyan is optimistic about the fact that the EAEU is initiated by Russia, a country where the people have not accepted the western system of fooling and deceiving others despite pressure of external forces. 

"Unfortunately, the Russian elite is fully under that very system, unlike the Russian people that is still fighting it. This inspires us with hope," he said.

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