Armenian President visits Teghut copper and molybdenum mine

Armenian PM: Support of business will be a top priority for us

Well-known French filmmaker Robert Gedikian shoots film about Armenian Genocide

Newspaper: Armenian Government to shortly ease tax burden on SMEs

Newspaper: Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamyan will shortly urge officials and parliamentarians to refuse from salary increase

David Haroutiunyan appointed as Government Chief of Staff

VTB Bank (Armenia) increases corporative crediting almost by 40% in 2013

VTB Bank (Armenia) is the leader on credit portfolio in the banking sector of Armenia

VTB Bank (Armenia) increases car loan portfolio by over 70% due to retail lending facilitation

VTB Bank (Armenia) and MasterCard launch a new card campaign

VTB Bank (Armenia) among top 3 Armenian banks in terms of retail business

"I'm Against" civic initiative refuses to start negotiations with Prime Minister

Hovik Abrahamyan promises to present an acceptable solution to the pension problem before late July

Armenia not to sign agreement to access Customs Union in 29 April in Minsk

European parliamentarian sees no obstacles to signing the political component of the Association Agreement with Armenia

European Parliament condemns attack against Kessab

Areximbank-Gazprombank Group offers discounts and free of charge cards ahead of holiday season

Republican Party of Armenia to be the only party in power in Armenia

Beeline and SPB TV launch IPTV in Armenia

VTB Bank (Armenia) launches deposit action

Expert: Democratic Nagorno-Karabakh will never become part of Sultan- ruled Azerbaijan

Upgraded offices of VTB bank (Armenia) in Gegarkunik region start working in a new format

Hovik Abrahamyan: Government of Armenia intends to form a favorable tax system for development of small and medium enterprises

On Apr 29 Armenia to sign agreement on joining Customs Union

Environmentalists launch campaign to save Lake Sevan

Political expert: "Orinats Yerkir" party will soon join the "four"

Member of the parliament: RPA may alone take responsibility

ARFD not to join ruling coalition

David Babayan: Elmar Mammadyarov's last statement about Azerbaijan's readiness to grant Nagorno-Karabakh autonomy was absurd

Press-secretary: Prosperous Armenia Party will go on watching further actions by the Orinats Yerkir Party (Law Governed Country Party)

Political expert: The statement by US ambassador to Azerbaijan is a result of Armenia's voting on the Crimea

ArmenTel's subscribers to shortly enjoy IP television

Vahe Hakobyan: Investments must create jobs


Vice-Speaker of Israeli Knesset to Deliver in Tbilisi Lecture on Israeli-Arabic Relations

German Chancellor Invites Garibashvili to Visit her Country

Georgian Foreign Minister to Visit Germany

Georgian Foreign Minister Attends International Conference in Vilnius

President to Have Exclusive Right to Grant Georgian Citizenship

NATO Week in Georgia Starts Today

Discussion of the Azerbaijani-Iranian relations on Culture and Tourism

Chief of General Staff of the RF to visit Baku

Ilham Aliyev will visit NAR

Georgian Premier Starts his Regional Tour

Georgian President to Hold Talks in Poland

Georgian Prime Minister Meets with EU Special Adviser

Erdogan is arriving in Baku

Simplification of the visa regime between the EU and Azerbaijan may occur in the summer

U.S. Embassy: Any allegations that US government representatives are trying to foment a revolution in Azerbaijan are absolutely absurd

Foreign Minister of Afghanistan to Pay Official Visit to Georgia

Georgian Foreign Ministry Makes Strict Statement, Concerning Referendum in the Crimea

President Margvelashvili Meets Georgian Troops, Deployed in Afghanistan

Georgian Premier and Afghan Foreign Minister Discuss Two Countries' Relations

Georgian Premier Holds Official Dinner in Honor of Romanian Prime Minister

Analyst: The USA invested $5 billion to directly support Maidan

Georgian Ambassador to Japan Hands over Credentials to His Imperial Majesty Emperor Akihito of Japan.

Tbilisi Hosts Annual PDP Conference

NATO May Accelerate Georgia's Integration and Grant it MAP because of the Crimea Problem

Georgian Ambassador to Lithuania Addresses Seimas

Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister in Baku

Gerhard Schroeder will make a speech in Baku

Putin is unable to persuade the leader of the Crimean Tatars

Georgian Defence Minister Attends NATO Defence Ministerial

Saakashvili is Offered High Post in Kiev


Vahe Hakobyan: Investments must create jobs

Sergey Markedonov: People living in Crimea and Karabakh saw no future for the countries they were attached to

Vahram Avanesyan: It is impossible to achieve serious results by means of standard and framework reforms

Wayne Merry: Situation around Ukraine is a serious alarm that the South Caucasus political nucleus must be seriously revised

Dariusz Prasek: EBRD demands absolute transparency from companies

Sargis Hatspanyan: When it comes to the change of regime in Armenia, the West washes hands of it

Andrey Yepivantsev: Only time may show if we have opened Pandora's box in the Crimea or not

Giorgi Tarkhan-Mouravi: Confrontation around the Crimea will speed up Ukraine's European integration

Ivan Kukhta: Ukraine has received a chance to be totally reset

Vaidotas Verba: Eastern Partnership project is not directed against anybody, it is simply for open opportunities

Vladimir Yevseev: The only way out of the situation in Ukraine for the West is through negotiations with Russia

Edward Sharmazanov: The principle of peoples’ right to self-determination tends to dominate in the world

Gevorg Poghosyan: Armenia is on an explosive-timing device and may explode at any moment

Sergey Grinyayev: Armenia has just to realize its status of an essential partner for Russia

Grigory Tishchenko: Strengthening of Russia’s positions in the South Caucasus will contribute to peaceful settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict

Artak Shakaryan: Armenia and Diaspora should be ready for Turkey’s imitative policy in the matter of Armenian Genocide recognition

Hovhannes Igityan: Only reason why they 'invited' Armenia into the Customs Union was to show Europe who wears the pants in the post-Soviet area

Jirayr Sefilyan: By breaking balance of forces in the region, Moscow will try to finally colonize Armenia, Karabakh and Azerbaijan

Interview of a member of “Pre-Parliament”, Karabakh war hero, ex-commander of separate battalion “Shushi”, Jirayr Sefilyan, with Arminfo news agency

  • by David Stepanyan

  • Monday, December 23, 21:30

  Will you please enumerate the most registered events of 2013?

 The most registered event of 2013 was the fact that started  understanding  that they live in a colonized country. However, despite a wave of disappointment induced by the regular illegal presidential election, the forces fighting for sovereignty of Armenia, have been gradually growing. In this context, Pre-Parliament, as the initiator of  the liberation struggle, is playing a significant part. In line with the programme of the Pre-Parliament on overcoming the neocolonial dependence and creation of the new high quality Armenian state, we have prepared the draft strategic conception for formation and development of the future state. The key prerequisites of organizing the people, including formation of the core of the network system necessary for establishment of the all-national movement, attraction of supporters which would head it. I think that it is unprecedented that the Armenian Rebirth movement for creation of the new Armenia was set up in the Armenian Diaspora with a help of the network principle. It is very much important to hold preparatory work for conducting of the alternative election for the Foundation Meeting of the future Armenian state and endorsement of criteria for future deputies.  So, today, in line with these criteria, Armenian citizens and their compatriots from the Diaspora may be nominated as candidates. We think that Armenia is only de-jure independent, and its institutions express and protect not the will of the people but interests of colonists and their local stooges. Therefore, we should create a new de-facto independent state. For this reason, the organization of the people, as well as the society beyond the existing ruling system is very much important. It is also important to create legal bodies which will express the will of the people.

 Before visiting Armenia, Vladimir Putin announced about creation of a single air defense system with participation of Russia, Armenia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. Armenia and Russia already have a single air defense system. It will enhance Armenia’s security, won’t it?

 I think that creation of a single air defense system with participation of Russia, Armenia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, announced by Vladimir Putin, is only evidence of changing the format directed at achieving a dream on restoration of the USSR. In the context of defense, this will not bring effective changes to Armenia. From the military point of view, in the present conditions replenishment of the 102-nd Russian military base deployed in Armenia with a small air fleet is not at all evidence of strengthening the Russian presence in Armenia taking into consideration the balance of forces in the region. Armenia cannot have an ally, as it is not an entity. Therefore, the military presence of Russia in Armenia serves only the interests of Russia.  And if Russia is going to replenish its armed forces in Armenia and Karabakh even more, it has to take into consideration that this will lead to resistance of the Armenian people and to serious counteraction of other players of the region with all the stemming consequences. 

 Some supporters of Eurasian integration of Armenia think that by delivering armament to Azerbaijan Moscow puts new obligations against Baku and hinders Turkey, the USA and Israel to interfere into Azerbaijan’s affairs even more. Does such a situation meet interests of the NKR and Armenia?

 I think that such an argumentation of the people which cannot imagine Armenia without Russia is evidence of any possible nonsense.

What do you think about the current stage of the Minsk process in the context of the last meeting of presidents and foreign ministers of Armenia and Azerbaijan?

 The Pre-Parliament has its own way of final settlement of the Karabakh conflict which foresees Karabakh joining Armenia through holding of referendum in Armenia and the NKR. This may happen only since gaining de-facto independence by Armenia. Unfortunately, the OSCE Minsk Group co-chairmen have always used their mandates only for fulfillment of their own goals, though they could play a true part both in organization of referendum in Karabakh as well as in curbing the militaristic aspirations of Azerbaijan. And finally, they could play a part in establishment and strengthening of peace in the region. I think that  the anti-national and criminal regime on Armenia does not have a right to negotiate on Nagornyy Karabakh on behalf of the people. Therefore, the stage by stage as well as final results of such negotiations cannot be legal. For this reason, they should be fully revised.

 Anyway, do you wait for any principle changes in the Karabakh conflict settlement process after Armenia’s joining the Customs Union?

The Baku regime does not differ from the Armenian one as it does not reflect the viewpoint of the people either.  Speaking about fundamental changes from Armenia's upcoming accession to Customs Union, one should take into account that both the establishment of the Customs Union and the plans to establish Eurasian Union are already fundamental changes. Furthermore, Moscow plans to finally colonize Armenia, Artsakh and, why not, Azerbaijan. However, this will happen after Moscow breaks the balance of forces in the region. In this light, it is absolutely senseless even to dream of anything favorable for Armenia in the Customs Union.  Baku's regime does not reflect the public opinion.  The artificially created country Azerbaijan and its authorities must be approached with reservations.

 Turkey goes on insisting at increasing of its role in the region as a regional superpower.  Is Turkey able to offer something new besides the old scheme on cede of several region in exchange for unblocking of Armenia?

  The Turkish regime, after suffering a setback at the big Middle East, is in panic because of resistance of the Arab people supported by Iran being enhanced at present, is trying to move towards the South Caucasus to compensate the setback.

 Moreover, Ankara fears that with a help of our friend and neighbor Iran, Turkey will have serious defeat in the South Caucasus as well.  For this reason, the Turks are trying to take preventive measures so that to reject unavoidable defeat. I think  that the country which implemented the Armenian genocide and now is denying this fact, cannot play any part in establishment of stability in the region. And finally, the regime in Armenia, which does not reflect the will of the people, cannot make legitimate arrangements with the Turks, as it will unavoidably come across general resistance of the Armenian people.

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