Another Armenian soldier killed in Azerbaijan's sabotage attack overnight

  • by Marianna Mkrtchyan

  • Saturday, August 2, 11:54

The NKR Defense Army has prevented another sabotage attack on the line of contact of the NKR and Azerbaijani armed forces in the area of Martakert overnight. According to the NKR Defense Army press-service, at least 3 Azerbaijani diversionists were killed and 7 were wounded. The enemy had to retreated, leaving weapons and ammunition. 

An Armenian soldier Zorik Gevorgya (1989) was killed in the sabotage attack. The NKR Defense Army sends its condolences to the family of the soldier. The incident is now being inquired into. 

According to the source, the enemy attempted attacks also on the northern, northeastern and eastern areas of the line of contact overnight. The NKR Defense Army took retaliatory actions and threw back the enemy. No deaths are reported so far. The information is being verified.  The NKR Defense Army strongly protects the entire line of the contact and takes retaliatory actions when necessary.

According to Azerbaijani media,  4 Azerbaijani soldiers were killed in the last night's sabotage attack. 

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