Armenia's Defense Ministry responds to Stepan Demirtchyan Sport and Concert Complex's charges

  • by Karina Manukyan

  • Saturday, August 2, 11:18

Armenia's Defense Ministry has responded to the Stepan Demirtchyan Sport and Concert Complex's charges that it owes the complex some 60mln AMD for an event held in its territory.

The Ministry says that this figure is overstated: one-day rent in the complex is 1,713,508 AMD, the Ministry has paid it 29,951,561 AMD, including electricity, water and gas bills.  The Ministry adds that after its reconstruction the complex promised the government that within the next 10 years it will give its territory for free to as may as five events a year (with a total length of no more than 12 days).

"So, we are not responsible for the company's losses," the Ministry says.

Meanwhile, the Government keeps trying to sell the complex for 19.350bln AMD or $46.8mln. It has organized five electronic auctions since May 29 but has failed to sell the facility. Earlier the government said that the complex owed it 10.2bln AMD. 

The complex was built in 1983. Its total area is 46,335 sq m. It burned down in 1987 and was restored by BAMO from Russia.

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