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One of Orange subscribers to become the VIP guest of Cannes Film Festival

Vazgen Sargsyan's brother appointed Advisor to Armenian Defence Minister

RPA minister: If Kocharyan wants to return to the politics, let him do that openly

Serzh Sargsyan: Not one drop of Lake Sevan water goes to Azerbaijan

"Hraparak": Artur Bagdasaryan appointed as a head of CSTO Academy Council

Within the frames of charitable action Anelik Bank staff gathers 1 billion AMD to help Kessab Armenians

Armenia on the second position among post-Soviet countries by the number of EU visa denials

Director of Ichthyology and Hydroecology Institute: Higher maximum admissible level of water release from Sevan to have a negative effect on the lake's ecosystem

Hraparak newspaper: Tigran Sargsyan will be appointed Armenia's Ambassador to USA

Karen Karapetyan has no intention to take any post in the government staff

Serzh Sargsyan has not yet offered parliament speaker's position to Galust Sahakyan

Hovik Abrahamyan: Pension reform in Armenia must be mandatory, but not binding

Serj Tankian: Both Armenians and Turks deserve leaders and governments

Hovik Abrahamyan introduces the newly appointed Economy Minister Karen Chshmarityan

Vacheh Gabrielyan appointed top advisor to prime minister of Armenia

Successful experience of first two Ameria Generation projects of 2012-2013 encourages Ameriabank to launch the third project in 2014

ARFD: Unlike Tigran Sargsyan, Hovik Abrahamyan is ready for concessions

Gagik Tsarukyan: Consultations between political forces and civil sector underway

Oppositionist: Serzh Sargsyan shuts down for Robert Kocharyan the way towards the power

Laura Bagdasaryan: Having proclaimed me Mata Hari, the authorities of Azerbaijan are striving to put the lid on the people's diplomacy

In Q1 2014 Areximbank-Gazprombank Group registers net profit of 289mln AMD

Politician: President of Armenia does not want to fray relations with the West. For this reason, he does not recall his signature from under the Armenian-Turkish Protocols

Robert Kocharyan: Constitution should be reformed only in case if it must not but be reformed

Council of Field Commanders to convene in Republican Square on 23 April

Hraparak newspaper: Galust Sahakyan to head parliament

Robert Kocharyan: Regretfully, Serzh Sargsyan did not perceive the difference between sincere concern over country's fate and exulting over poor performance of the authorities

New parliament speaker and ministers may be named at RPA Executive Body's meeting on 26 April

Armenian President visits Teghut copper and molybdenum mine

Armenian PM: Support of business will be a top priority for us

Well-known French filmmaker Robert Gedikian shoots film about Armenian Genocide

Newspaper: Armenian Government to shortly ease tax burden on SMEs

Newspaper: Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamyan will shortly urge officials and parliamentarians to refuse from salary increase

David Haroutiunyan appointed as Government Chief of Staff


Vice-Speaker of Israeli Knesset to Deliver in Tbilisi Lecture on Israeli-Arabic Relations

German Chancellor Invites Garibashvili to Visit her Country

Georgian Foreign Minister to Visit Germany

Georgian Foreign Minister Attends International Conference in Vilnius

President to Have Exclusive Right to Grant Georgian Citizenship

NATO Week in Georgia Starts Today

Discussion of the Azerbaijani-Iranian relations on Culture and Tourism

Chief of General Staff of the RF to visit Baku

Ilham Aliyev will visit NAR

Georgian Premier Starts his Regional Tour

Georgian President to Hold Talks in Poland

Georgian Prime Minister Meets with EU Special Adviser

Erdogan is arriving in Baku

Simplification of the visa regime between the EU and Azerbaijan may occur in the summer

U.S. Embassy: Any allegations that US government representatives are trying to foment a revolution in Azerbaijan are absolutely absurd

Foreign Minister of Afghanistan to Pay Official Visit to Georgia

Georgian Foreign Ministry Makes Strict Statement, Concerning Referendum in the Crimea

President Margvelashvili Meets Georgian Troops, Deployed in Afghanistan

Georgian Premier and Afghan Foreign Minister Discuss Two Countries' Relations

Georgian Premier Holds Official Dinner in Honor of Romanian Prime Minister

Analyst: The USA invested $5 billion to directly support Maidan

Georgian Ambassador to Japan Hands over Credentials to His Imperial Majesty Emperor Akihito of Japan.

Tbilisi Hosts Annual PDP Conference

NATO May Accelerate Georgia's Integration and Grant it MAP because of the Crimea Problem

Georgian Ambassador to Lithuania Addresses Seimas

Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister in Baku

Gerhard Schroeder will make a speech in Baku

Putin is unable to persuade the leader of the Crimean Tatars

Georgian Defence Minister Attends NATO Defence Ministerial

Saakashvili is Offered High Post in Kiev

Alexander Voronin: ANELIK has almost 20% of all money transfers in the CIS

ArmInfo's interview with Alexander Voronin, Chairman of the Board of “Anelik Ru” Ltd Subsidiary Commercial Bank

  • by Gayane Isahakyan

  • Wednesday, February 19, 08:39


Mr.Voronin, has the change in Anelik Ru’s shareholder structure affected the strategy of development of the ANELIK payment system? How has the Bank strengthened its positions in the money transfer markets of the CIS and non-CIS countries? What goals is the Bank going to attain in 2014?  


After the change of the owner, Anelik RU began reviewing the strategy to develop the Anelik system. In 2013 it launched own VISA ANELIK cards, opened a Bank-Client service, introduced unique distance money transfer opportunities, opened several branches, reduced tariffs. In 2013 we carried out the biggest advertising campaign among all other money transfer systems so far. It covered Moscow, Moscow region, St. Petersburg, Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar, Chelyabinsk, Ufa, Samara, Makhachkala and Armenia.


The development of the ANELIK payment system is a priority in the development program for 2014. It implies improving the money transfer service, opening new divisions, increasing issues and developing the money transfer service via VISA ANELIK cards. 


ANELIK is purposefully expanding the network of its partners and increasing the number of its service points worldwide. What is the company planning to do to expand its presence in 2014?  


In 2014 ANELIK is going to strengthen its positions and increase its service points in Armenia, Syria, Tajikistan, China, Vietnam, and Mongolia and to expand its presence in South America and Central America, namely in Brazil, Ecuador, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Columbia, Costa Rica, etc. ANELIK is also planning to strengthen its positions in Western Europe.


ANELIK's key goal is to have leading positions in the world market of money transfers. What is ANELIK's share in the money transfers worldwide and in the CIS in particular? When do you think the system will gain leading positions in the global market and what prerequisites are there for that?   


Certainly, the ultimate goal is to ensure ANELIK's leading positions in the global market, and to attain that goal we are gradually developing certain directions in countries and cities. For the moment, ANELIK system has offices in more than 100 countries. A survey by our Analytical Department has shown that our payment system has almost 20% of all money transfers in the CIS. The ANELIK system first of all considers expanding its presence in the countries with Armenian communities. Recently ANELIK has reached an agreement with partners from the USA (Glendale, California) and France (Paris and Nice).  We want the Armenian Diaspora representatives worldwide make money transfers mostly through their own system.


It is hard to say that we'll gain the leading positions but our team is doing its best to attain the ultimate goal.  


How many Armenian banks have already joined the ANELIK system?  


Inecobank, Converse Bank and some other partners of Anelik Bank joined the system in 2013. As a result, the system involves 13 Armenian banks. Presently we are negotiating with some more local banks and hope that very soon all Armenian banks will provide the Moneytun service (door-to-door money delivery) through the Anelik system.


How much did the pre-Xmas discount campaign help ANELIK to increase its turnover in general and in Armenia in particular? How much will ANELIK's turnover grow in 2014?


The pre-Xmas discount campaign helped the system to increase its turnover in Armenia by 10%. We will sum up the campaign results after 1 May 2014. Historically, Armenia is a strategically significant country for Anelik. So, we will give top priority to increasing its turnover in the country this year. In 2014 the Anelik payment system expects to increase its share on the Armenian market to 25%.

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