U.S. President again used the term "Meds Yeghern"

Director of Armenian Genocide Museum & Institute responds to Turkish Prime Minister's statement

Konstantin Orbelian dies

"We have to say: "Israel will no longer participate in the denial of the Armenian Genocide," - Israeli politician

Charles Aznavour: No justice, no recognition, no compensation...

Prime Minister of the Crimea calls the Armenia genocide the great tragedy of the XX century

Catholicos of Cilicia: Armenian people expects from Turkey recognition of Armenian Genocide rather than condolences or moral preaching

"Free Egyptians" party demands from Turkey to apologize for the Armenian genocide

March in memory of Armenian Genocide victims organized in Istanbul

Turkish PM: Turkish-Armenian relations cannot be normalized unless Nagorno-Karabakh conflict is settled

Views from Moscow: Armenian complementarity has temporarily hidden, not "died out"

Vice Speaker of Azeri Parliament: United States and Russia will come to terms on Nagorno-Karabakh settlement

Vice-speaker of Armenian parliament calls on Ankara to be impartial when assessing historical reality

Polish Ambassador to Armenia: Restart of Armenian-Turkish dialogue is a matter of time

Levon Zurabyan: Process for international recognition of the Armenian Genocide was started by Levon Ter-Petrosyan and ended by Serzh Sargsyan

Sergey Markedonov: Armenia is an interesting example of whether the Eurasian countries are able to remain committed to the principle of "two pipes"

Yerevan: Erdogan's statement of the Armenian genocide was made under the growing international pressure upon Ankara

Stefan Fule positively assesses Turkish prime minister's statement

Jen Psaki: USA welcomes Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan's statement on the events at the beginning of the 20th century

US Congressman: Denial of the Armenian Genocide produced the Holocaust

US Ambassador on behalf of the president again promises a strong statement on the Armenian genocide

Armenian President's Staff: Erdogan's statement displays Turkey's policy of Armenian genocide denial in a more polished way

Reporters Without Borders calls for the immediate and unconditional release of Rauf Mirkadyrov

Russia's ambassador to Armenia: Mankind should correctly assess the events happened at the beginning of the 20th century

Armenian Assembly of America and Armenian National Committee of America make statements on Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan's remarks regarding April 24th

Turkey's ruling Justice and Development Party: "Relations between Turkey and Armenia can be restored only after liberation of Azerbaijani territories occupied by Armenia"

Armenian Foreign Minister receives US Congressmen

Acting Justice Minister of Armenia: We should always keep our powder dry

Armenian President appoints new ministers

Prime Minister of Canada addresses Armenian-Canadian community and qualifies events in early XX century as "the first genocide of the twentieth century"

Armenian President pays tribute to memory of Armenian Genocide victims

Erdogan's statement on events of 1915 is part of process that has been going on over the past 4.5 years, Ahmet Davutoglu says

April 24 is a mournful date in Armenian people's history

Bako Sahakyan: Armenian Genocide is considered as one of the heaviest crimes against humanity with no expiration date

Armenian President: We are convinced that the denial of Armenian Genocide constitutes the direct continuation of that very crime

Online Citizen Engagement Platform for Armenia

One of Orange subscribers to become the VIP guest of Cannes Film Festival

Vazgen Sargsyan's brother appointed Advisor to Armenian Defence Minister

RPA minister: If Kocharyan wants to return to the politics, let him do that openly

Serzh Sargsyan: Not one drop of Lake Sevan water goes to Azerbaijan

"Hraparak": Artur Bagdasaryan appointed as a head of CSTO Academy Council

Within the frames of charitable action Anelik Bank staff gathers 1 billion AMD to help Kessab Armenians

Armenia on the second position among post-Soviet countries by the number of EU visa denials

Director of Ichthyology and Hydroecology Institute: Higher maximum admissible level of water release from Sevan to have a negative effect on the lake's ecosystem

Hraparak newspaper: Tigran Sargsyan will be appointed Armenia's Ambassador to USA

Karen Karapetyan has no intention to take any post in the government staff

Serzh Sargsyan has not yet offered parliament speaker's position to Galust Sahakyan

Hovik Abrahamyan: Pension reform in Armenia must be mandatory, but not binding

Serj Tankian: Both Armenians and Turks deserve leaders and governments

Hovik Abrahamyan introduces the newly appointed Economy Minister Karen Chshmarityan


Vice-Speaker of Israeli Knesset to Deliver in Tbilisi Lecture on Israeli-Arabic Relations

German Chancellor Invites Garibashvili to Visit her Country

Georgian Foreign Minister to Visit Germany

Georgian Foreign Minister Attends International Conference in Vilnius

President to Have Exclusive Right to Grant Georgian Citizenship

NATO Week in Georgia Starts Today

Discussion of the Azerbaijani-Iranian relations on Culture and Tourism

Chief of General Staff of the RF to visit Baku

Ilham Aliyev will visit NAR

Georgian Premier Starts his Regional Tour

Georgian President to Hold Talks in Poland

Georgian Prime Minister Meets with EU Special Adviser

Erdogan is arriving in Baku

Simplification of the visa regime between the EU and Azerbaijan may occur in the summer

U.S. Embassy: Any allegations that US government representatives are trying to foment a revolution in Azerbaijan are absolutely absurd

Foreign Minister of Afghanistan to Pay Official Visit to Georgia

Georgian Foreign Ministry Makes Strict Statement, Concerning Referendum in the Crimea

President Margvelashvili Meets Georgian Troops, Deployed in Afghanistan

Georgian Premier and Afghan Foreign Minister Discuss Two Countries' Relations

Georgian Premier Holds Official Dinner in Honor of Romanian Prime Minister

Analyst: The USA invested $5 billion to directly support Maidan

Georgian Ambassador to Japan Hands over Credentials to His Imperial Majesty Emperor Akihito of Japan.

Tbilisi Hosts Annual PDP Conference

NATO May Accelerate Georgia's Integration and Grant it MAP because of the Crimea Problem

Georgian Ambassador to Lithuania Addresses Seimas

Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister in Baku

Gerhard Schroeder will make a speech in Baku

Putin is unable to persuade the leader of the Crimean Tatars

Georgian Defence Minister Attends NATO Defence Ministerial

Saakashvili is Offered High Post in Kiev

VTB Bank (Armenia) and Visa sum up results of Olympic Campaign Sochi 2014

  • by Erik Abrahamyan

  • Wednesday, December 11, 01:19

On December 10, VTB Bank (Armenia) and Visa summed up the results of Olympic Campaign Sochi 2014. The campaign was aimed at increasing the noncash payments by Visa cards of VTB Bank (Armenia) and raising the Armenian consumers' awareness of operability of the Visa payment cards.  

It was pointed out at today's press conference that 100 cardholders  of VTB Bank (Armenia), who obtained the biggest number of bonus  points, became participants in a drawing of 101 valuable prizes of  the Bank, particularly, 50 certificates for purchase of appliances at  ARAY store until 1 Feb 2014 and 50 certificates for the Bank's  products at preferential terms (-1% for a loan or +1% for a deposit)  until 1 Feb 2014. The key prize of the campaign was a trip (for two  persons) to the Winter Olympic Games 2014 in Sochi. The winner of the  key prize was the Bank's customer Armen Grigoryan. 

"Due to the Olympic Campaign Sochi 2014 held jointly with Visa, the  Bank's customers can feel themselves part of the Olympic movement and  root for the sportsmen from the tiers. This is the second joint  campaign this year and it has become a stimulus to use the Bank's  Visa cards when making various kinds of payments, which have grown  more than twofold. It is pleasant to realize that the Bank is  promoting the popularity of the plastic cards in Armenia", said Yuri  Gusev, Director General, Chairman of Directorate of VTB Bank  (Armenia). 

When asked by ArmInfo to assess the situation of Visa cards in the  plastic market of Armenia, Irina Kamkhadze, Country Manager Caucasus  countries at Visa, said that the dynamics is stable if the matter  concerns the ratio of noncash operations against the total card  turnover, which has been 10% for almost a year. "This is a rather  high index as compared with the CIS countries, for instance. Our key  goal is to increase the volume of noncash payments", she said. 

During the campaign (from Oct 1 till Nov 30) the number of Visa card  transactions grew by 50%. The turnover almost redoubled as compared  with Nov 30 2012. The average daily quantity was 8,000 transactions.

"Visa and we will continue holding such campaigns. They have already  offered us a new interesting project. As regards the Visa card  tariffs, they are quite competitive. This is a well-balanced price,  reflecting the actual cost of this service. Let's not forget that  card business is one of the most investment-intensive banking activities," Gusev said in response to ArmInfo's question.

Armenia started acquiring Visa cards in 2001, with 12 Armenian banks already having such cards. As of Apr 1 2013 there were 600,000 active Visa cards in Armenia (30% more than a year before).

VTB Bank (Armenia) joined VTB Group in Apr 2004 and is fully owned by VTB Bank, the second biggest bank in Russia. VTB Bank (Armenia) is one of the leaders of Armenia's banking sector. It has 67 branches all over the country. It also has an own processing center, which gives it an advantage on the card market.

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